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A support system, underground


As fun as it is to alter consciousness and play inside the mind, the bigger picture with psychedelics involves creating a more intelligent and effective humanity.

Beneath all soil and earthen substrate stretches a vast uncharted network of mycelia, the root system of fungal colonies.

Canadian ecologist Suzanne Simard used the term “wood wide web” to refer to the underground mushroom network that allows trees and other plants to communicate with one another.

Fittingly similar to its namesake mycelia, MykoNet operates underground to connect parts of the system that appear totally unrelated on the surface.

There's still a lot of work to be done.

Some of us in the psychedelic community live as if in a bubble, insulated from the real problems that still exist in the world.

Travel to 80 countries has made it impossible for me not to ignore what's going on and to play whatever part I can to help.

The time is now to lay the groundwork because of immanent changes to Canadian drug policy. After policy changes, we can explore the role psychedelics will play in restorative justice, victim restitution, reparations, reconciliation, and conflict resolution.

We help leaders help their institutions and communities become more responsive and responsible to Humanity 2.0

MykoNet’s groundbreaking, science-backed model has made it a benchmark for deep structural and systemic change. We integrate marginalized populations from the get-go, a key component often missed by organizations focused mainly on psychedelic drug development or privileged populations. 

How Does It Work?

Our strategy for Phase I begins by: 1. Building the dynamic coalitions and workgroups that include marginalized groups and outsiders, prepping us for 2. Needs assessments including factors like urgency, public interest, and resource availability before we 3. Design appropriate pilot projects, programs, products, and services. Then we'll  4. Raise the resources needed to implement the projects before 5. Reviewing and repeating to become more effective over time. 

Phase I builds global economic resiliency. Using our proprietary method, you can learn how to leverage strategic partnerships to promote socially responsible entrepreneurship. Leadership training programs, disseminated globally through our covert network, provide the structure needed to midwife humanity 2.0

Phase II remains a secret known only to our inner circle. It involves the creation of a more intelligent, healthy, and playful humanity. Want to know more?

We'd love to hear from you.

  • Psychedelics change individual and collective behavior. Therefore, advancements in psychedelic research can help us deeply transform social, economic, and political systems.

  • Psychedelics are more than just chemical catalysts; it's about mindset, worldview, and guiding principles. MykoNet goals include social justice and personal wellbeing.

  • Scientific breakthroughs can be galvanized by research on psychedelics, which are increasingly being recognized as tools for understanding the nature of consciousness and reality.

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