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Empowerment through Radical Entrepreneurism

Does the phrase capitalist wealth redistribution bother you? If so, How You Win might not be for you.

Capitalist wealth redistribution is like having your cake and eating it too, enjoying all that free enterprise has to offer in terms of stimulating innovation, creativity, and healthy competition but within a framework of strong universal ethical norms and values. Yes, it's possible. More and more entrepreneurs and leaders hold each other and themselves to a standard higher than ever before, and the market has spoken. 

Current trends towards Decentralize Finance show where the wave is heading. Even if DeFi is slow to catch on, just the fact that so many powerful leaders are engaged in this conversation proves that the bar has been raised on humanity.

We want to help people gaining traction in the coaching community to deliver their message directly to leaders in underserved communities. And we want those communities to stop being underserved" and instead become pilot studies for economic development.

We also want to bring inspirational messages to those who need it everywhere--a layer of free content. I'd like to see creatives and entrepreneurs thriving instead of believing they have to sit at a desk all day getting their soul sucked out of them.

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