Are You Seeking A New Opportunity?

You're happy.

You're serving others. You're doing what you love. You feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

OK. Now what?

How do you apply what you have learned so far, learn something new, or really make a difference?

We offer a few ideas for taking your practice to the next level.

For Healers, Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, and other Service Professionals

--Psychedelics add tremendous value to the services you provide, in accordance with local laws, customs, and traditions

--Tune into new cultures, subcultures, and communities on the regular

--Upgrade your skills by taking courses in modalities you haven't yet incorporated into your repertoire yet, like superconscious recoding or tapping.

--Travel not to escape but to enter new markets around the world

--Figure out how to bring your products, services, or message to underserved or marginalized communities

--Design retreats, or hold online workshops, seminars, and symposiums

For Motivational Speakers

--Advocate for drug policy reform, prison abolition, gender equity, and other global systems changes

--Generate new networks based on geography or special interests

--Implement psychedelics into your work for upgrading human consciousness, for conflict resolution, mediation, and peace talks

--Create communities of socially-conscious business leaders based on core values and principles

For programmers and data scientists

--Join new communities of interest to add value and enhance wellbeing with your services

--Assess needs and respond accordingly, identifying problems others have yet to see

--Consider how your work might contribute to the advancement of science and technology

For artists and entertainers

--Create one-off events, in-person or online, as NFTs

--Reach a wider audience by taking actual trips

--Incorporate psychedelics into your work

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