Coaching: The All-American Industry

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's hard to imagine an industry better suited to the American character. In this article, I give tribute to Tony Robbins and Les Brown, two of the luminaries in the self-help/motivation/coaching industries.

Les Brown and Tony Robbins are as apple pie American as it gets. Or, in Les's case, sweet potato pie.

  • Both have rags-to-riches backstories; the coaching industry is built on the "this is what I overcame to get where I am now" formula.

  • Both have swagger, bravado, panache.

  • Both are willing to break rules, confront, push boundaries.

  • Both Tony Robbins and Les Brown simplify the complexities of human psychology and communication, which is the legacy they leave to the world.

They have been stimulating guerilla entrepreneurism, a bottom-up approach to dreaming bigger. That's why the coaching industry became big business. These luminaries lit aflame a type of optimism that had almost gone out in the American psyche.

It is my desire to give back to Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and the rest of the coaching community through the How You Win platform. I want to extend, expand the global reach of coaching, while also making it relevant to local and regional markets around the world.

If you are just starting out as a coach or work within an underserved population, reach out and let's build How You Win together. The goal is to stimulate coaching throughout the world. We want to do this by helping you and other coaches bring your message to underserved communities.

And we also want to bring inspirational messages to those who need it everywhere--a layer of free content. I'd like to see creatives and entrepreneurs thriving instead of believing they have to sit at a desk all day getting their soul sucked out of them.

What do you think are the most strategic ways of bringing coaching content and services to marginalized markets around the world?

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