It's Work. It's Play. It's Plork!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

One of the hallmarks of a flow state, plork is the fusion of play and work.

Children plork. So can we!

Neuroscience research shows that flow can be contagious. A good brainstorming session isn't just a subjective experience; it's measurable and can be maximized for high performance outcomes.

Plork promotes productivity in adults by appealing to the sapiosexual drive too, the instinct to learn, to create. Let's make plork the standard in every industry by infusing a spirit of playfulness into all we do.

Play without constraints can be unproductive and wasteful.

Work without fun, meaning, and purpose can be slavery.

We could even be grandfatherly and say:

If it ain't plorking, it ain't working.

Architects and ergonomics engineers can promote plork through design principles, creating workplaces that encourage group flow.

Urban planners understand the importance of promoting plork with public art and public space design, and making heavy industry attractive to the eye.

Some probing questions for those hoping to optimize group flow and plork:

  1. What are optimal ergonomics and design principles for promoting plork and group flow?

  2. What team building activities or practices, including meditation and microdosing, might be useful for promoting plork?

  3. What cultural and subcultural nuances can be incorporated into team exercises to enhance creativity and productivity?

Are you a creativity or team productivity coach? If so, let us know what you think about plork!

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