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Social Justice and Systems Changes in 2022

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, advocate of social justice and systems changes in the United States and beyond. Inspired by nonviolent activists like Gandhi and joined by fellow rebels from Malcolm X to Mandela, MLK provides Mykonet with its inspiration to continue the good fight.

From MLK we learn the value of sacrifice, without resorting to victimhood.

From MLK we learn the value of fortitude, steadfastness, and unwavering commitment without resorting to rigidity.

From MLK we learn the power of prayer, without resorting to religiosity.

From MLK we learn how to create viable communities, without resorting to tribalism.

From MLK we learn to retain hope, even when things seem hopeless.

We also cannot believe how slowly things change for humans. As tempting as it is to burn to the ground old systems so that we can start anew, brutal solutions do not always provide the fertile ground we need for sustainable new systems.

Yet occasionally we do need to use extreme methods.

The coronavirus provided an opportunity for humanity to plant seeds for new systems, without totally doing away with the old ones. The process seems clumsy and has caused unbearable trauma for some of us. We have hope that the new dawn does arrive soon and with that new day, the rebirth of humanity--once and for all erasing the erroneous coding that kept us trapped in the old systems to begin with.

Thank you all the freedom fighters out there, we salute you!

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