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Become a Systems Change Agent

Welcome to MykoNet: Taking Psychedelics to the Next Level

MykoNet starts with psychedelics, but it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into the potential of psychedelics to reveal more about the nature of consciousness and reality. About making psychedelics useful for healing the wounds of the human condition. About making the world a better place through dialogue, building bridges, making amends, and catalyzing systems changes.

What is MykoNet?

Beneath all soil and earthen substrate stretches a vast uncharted network of mycelia, the root system of fungal colonies. UBC ecologist Suzanne Simard used the term “wood wide web” to refer to the underground mushroom network that allows trees and other plants to communicate with one another.


In a similar way, MykoNet operates underground to connect parts of the system that appear totally unrelated on the surface. MykoNet is becoming a benchmark organization for deep structural and systemic change.


Canadian drug policy reform is already happening with Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP).


The time is now to lay the groundwork for using psychedelics beyond the healthcare sector. Psychedelics have tremendous potential for use in restorative justice, victim restitution, reparations, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. 

Psychedelics can also help business leaders with creativity and innovation, or with organizational culture change.


MykoNet’s groundbreaking vision integrates marginalized populations from the get-go. We'll start with public education and outreach to show how psychedelics can be used both within and beyond clinical settings.  

Then, we’ll start forging the strategic partnerships we need to move forward into an innovative for-profit venture.

About the Founder

Sunshine has been studying altered states of consciousness for more than thirty years. At Pomona College she designed a major called The Study of Consciousness and then traveled the world making money off freelance ghostwriting. MykoNet is the culmination of her life’s work in the study of consciousness, leveraging the growing popularity of psychedelics.

Why We’re Different

The vast majority of psychedelic ventures focus on drug development, personal development, and mental health.

MykoNet is more about systems changes: changes to the healthcare system, to social services, to education, and to governance.

Inspired by the MAPS pilot project using psychedelics in Israel-Palestine peace talks, we consider how these compounds might be used in conflict resolution, restorative justice, and anti-racism. We help by designing pilot projects and proposals to help organizations achieve specific goals.

The new economy allows for the rapid rise of new global micro-economies: local economies fueled by local entrepreneurs developing radically new technologies and services to meet the needs of their communities. We want to help.

We are also interested in urban planning and intentional community design, inspired by the successes of Auroville and Burning Man.

Start Small, Scale Fast, Dream Big.

It starts with public education and outreach. We need public speakers to reach out to law enforcement, first responders, public health officials, veterans associations, other nonprofit organizations in multiple sectors, and especially to organizations that do work in the reconciliation/reparation/restoration domain.

With psychedelics and assisted interventions, we can promote a new model of criminal justice emphasizing restorative justice and rehabilitation. We can change drug policy one municipality at a time, and we can change mental health care services one clinic at a time.


MykoNet builds credibility, reputation, and relationships through a nonprofit model. We will be forging ties with socially conscious business leaders who can help us change the underlying values and principles that direct multinational corporations. We can do this by gradually eroding the old system and replacing it rapidly with one grounded in respect and compassion.


We provide a wide range of services related to strategic planning and communication. For example, we write original content including articles for online and print publications, formal reports, grant proposals, and white papers. We can design presentations to special interest groups, professional organizations, business leaders, and public service agencies.

Call for New Research

One of our primary goals is to stimulate new research into the nature of consciousness and reality through psychedelics. I believe we can change what it means to be human if we progress the science by asking new questions and stretching our established paradigms. Therefore, we especially look forward to joining forces with scholars and researchers who need resources to fund their work.

How You Can Become A Systems Change Agent

If you've read this far, you are a systems change agent already.

Connect with us at

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