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Psychedelics, Coaching, and HR

Emerging Models for Human Resources Management

As traditional organizational structures give way to new ones, coaching strategies and techniques are starting to take over human resource management. Coaching strategies and techniques enhance traditional HR practices.

In fact, the most successful human resource leaders build coaching strategies into their work or become coaches themselves.

All the classic coaching methods, like motivation and mentoring, those become more effective when coupled with effective leadership training and development. We all know the right HR manager can make or break the company by building and growing the ecosystem.

Therefore, the HR team finds itself now in a powerful position.

In this article, you are going to learn about how psychedelic-assisted coaching practices can be integrated into your HR methods.

Is This Legal?

No, not yet. But. We are only a few years away from the full decriminalization of these useful tools in Canada. The BBC has already reported the efficacy of psychedelic career coaching. If you want to become a headline-making coach or HR manager, now’s your chance.

Of course, if you’re ok with being average, please by all means leave this page.

Their use in end-of-life care and for the treatment of depression and PTSD is beginning to break down the legal barriers to implementing these medicines as part of a sensible HR strategy.

Your interest in building the foundations for psychedelic-assisted coaching ensures your future success as an outstanding leader.

HR Managers are already adept at:

  • Recognizing good people and onboarding them (recruitment and hiring)

  • Providing all the support each person needs in order to thrive (training and career development)

  • Promoting resilience within individuals and collectively within workgroups

  • Changing organizational structure and culture to align with normative shifts or shifts in vision and mission

Smart organizations are opting out of models that resist change. Instead, we know the way forward in a post-COVID world will require leaders operating within transformational, noetic, and servant leadership models.

Psychedelics can and will help propel your organization forward.

In fact, the role of psychedelics in the post-COVID world cannot be underestimated!

How Psychedelics Can Help

Studies into the specific ways psychedelics change human affective, cognitive, and behavioral states are just starting to emerge. An article published in Nature shows how psychedelics increase connectivity within the brain—effectively reducing the silo effect in our own minds.

Increasing the range of synaptic connections and enhancing inter-domain communications between various brain structures, psychedelics enhance human creativity.

Their judicious use under the supervision of qualified therapists can reduce problems such as rigid thinking and resistance to change: real barriers to the success of a team or an organization.

Psychedelics also promote pro-social and pro-environmental behavior and sentiments, making it more possible for leaders to choose policies and protocols that foster social and environmental justice.

How You Can Help

Now is the time to lay the groundwork for psychedelic-assisted leadership in your organization.

It takes years to push through new policies and procedures. By the time your psychedelic leadership and coaching framework takes root, you will be recognized as an industry leader.

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